My name is Michael, I’m running this website. I’m native English and I deeply love my country and its’ culture. I think that as a proud citizen I have to cherish every single part of the history and culture of the UK. So, this is what my website, in general, is about.
So let me explain you my thoughts more widely. Let’s dive in!

The UK or GB?

Some people don’t understand what is the UK or Great Britain, what role Northern Ireland plays here etc., so let me clear. An official name of the country is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, or (shortly) “United Kingdom”. However, this term includes Northern Ireland, unlike “Great Britain”, which is connected with the island itself and the following nations: English, Scottish and Welsh, but it does not include Northern Ireland territory. The UK is more a governmental term, while GB is more of a territorial sense.

All the nations have their own differences, but due to the migration of previous centuries, Irish, Scottish and Welsh people were settling in England too, so most British are somehow connected to each of the nationalities described above.

The country is amazing only by the fact that it’s one of a few that still have constitutional monarchy as the governing power, and it’s not only one nation that makes the country united. There’re roughly four main nations, tandem of symbols, languages and belief systems of which create the unique Kingdom actually United.

One or many cultures?

The culture of the UK is one of the most famous and the richest in the world. Have you ever heard about the great Celtic culture? This is it. This amazing system was created by our ancestors, and I’m more than proud of it. These lands survived through many different invasions, but what they did was taking some small things of invaders’ cultures to complete their own. As the result, the culture of my country is like its’ demography – the whole unity is made of different parts that connect together inseparably.

Anyways, British literature and music, cinema and art, theatre and television, philosophy and architecture as the result are still influential for all the European cultures. English scientists were predominant among others for many and many years, so I can’t take it aside, since British scientists always had their privileges among others.

We can’t take away sports too. It always was a significant part of the culture of our country. It of course includes football, which had actually originated in the UK. This sport changed a lot since that time, but it’s still is predominate among all the sports we’ve got nowadays.
Our country was not once described as a “cultural capital” of the whole modern European world. Even now, London is characterized as the capital of actual human culture. Me, as an English, just can’t step aside this statement.

If you want to know more, the great Industrial Revolution had also started in the UK, due to our scientists, and it did its’ universal impact on the whole world, which was pretty an undertaking for all of us, as we couldn’t prove our statements, that actually were a destiny to the world.

All these statements can claim our experience and knowledge, and even though all these scientists did their discoveries without us, I feel kind or grateful and responsible for their discoveries, so I would like to present all this knowledge and culture to you, guys.

All this introduction might be difficult to understand, but what I want to let you know is that this website shows a kind of tremendous contribution that we did to the worldwide culture and the kind of value that we have. I want to show my countries’ culture to everyone, who might be interested in it, so if you are, please follow this website and you’ll know lots and lots more about the subject I tried hard to explain here in short.