Do you know that the popularity of folklore is not a modern trend and folk festivals are not a new phenomenon? It is a return to basics and rebirth of the previous ideas. Interest to the traditional musical culture and folklore, going on since the conceiving of the history of European music. Obviously, folk song and folk culture were largely grandfathers of European music. The significance of folklore, it’s impact and the value changed and was different in every corner of the continent, but it’s always remained and influenced. After all, folk music is music for everyone, without distinction to the class origin, financial status or gender.

Today folk music became a permanent part of most festival’s program. Moreover, there are a great number of exclusively folklore festivals.

Festivals in UK characterized by an extensive music program, including folk direction. Folk festivals in the UK are as mass, sapid and well-known as expected. As we are going to highlight the most significant folk events here, let’s consider each of UK festivals separately and deeply.

Below is the list of the best festivals UK offers to attend! It’s up to you to choose, but you will definitely find the one to visit.

• Bromyard Folk Festival


Bromyard Folk Festival is national and traditional UK folk festival. The event is usually held in the first two weeks of September in the city of Bromyard, in western England. The average price of tickets won’t be more than £110. The line-up of the festival is announced closer to March and before that everything is kept in strict confidence. It is only known that there will be a numerous handmade clubs, dance courses or playgrounds on the festival territory. Based on past experience, the festival may invite more than 40 world famous and respectful artists, which makes the event worth visiting.

• Warwick Folk Festival

Warwick Folk Festival

Famous and beloved Warwick folk festival usually is held in the end of July close to the Senior Warwick School. Festival has celebrated its 35-th anniversary this summer, so festival like Warwick are so much more than the stage performance, of course. There always are sessions aplenty – some organized, some spontaneous. There is a varied children’s programme, most of which is held outdoors, lots of workshops, morris sides and mummers. Dick Dixon and his team at Warwick have created a festival, which, through quite broad in its spectrum of music, will appeal very much to those, who like the more traditional side of things. With over 130 individual events and over 150 acts, the festival is really going to please everyone.

• Cambridge Folk Festival


Cambridge Folk Festival is one of the most significant occasions among all other UK music festivals. It’s located respectively in the city of Cambridge and is famous for its scope and range. This year, the festival has celebrated its 51st birthday with a great party and impressive music concert. Approximate ticket price is typically less than £159, but it is worth the money. Besides the two big music stages, viewers can visit club tent, garden, a separate stage for amateurs, lectures, themed cafes and a bunch of other interesting things.

• Ely Folk Festival


Ely Folk Festival also applies to the festivals with a long and fascinating thirty years history. It is placed in an absolutely marvelous corner of the world – the city of Ely. The commodious location and the considered organization of the event contribute to tranquility and music enjoyment. By the way, Ely Folk Festival is the place, where electronic music can be combined with folk or rock and it is always unusual and always exciting. Among other things, there will be held the jam sets, games and performances.

• Leigh Folk Festival


Leigh Folk Festival is one of the most famous rave festivals in the UK. The first such event was held in Essex in 1992 and since then it is held there every year, usually in late June. In addition to light and cheerful music of the other nations and an atmosphere of friendliness and peace, the organizers announce barn dances, poetry reading, concerts, sessions, workshops, discussion and traditional folk ceremonies.

• Cornwall Folk Festival

In contrast to above mentioned festivals, the organizers of Cornwall Folk Festival used to rapidly declare the line-up and do not make a big secret of it. That is why we already know that Ralph McTell, Martin Simpson, Wizz Jones and some others will sing at the Cornwall Folk Festival on the late august, 2016. This year the festival will celebrate the 44 years since its foundation. For this reason, the festival will be visited by well-known foreign guests but it will be a surprise for the audience.

• Oxford Folk Festival


In order to make a folk festival better and more famous that other UK music festivals it’s important to develop the most interesting concept among the other festivals UK. That is what made the Oxford Folk Festival organizers. During the festival is usually held jazz concerts, jam sessions and lectures about the value and benefits of the music. Furthermore, every year the visitors and the sponsors of the festival collect some money to help people with hearing loss.

List will be added with new paragraphs, come later to see what else you will be able to visit…